Advisor Spotlight: Brandie Clark, Westview High School

Brandie Clark, along with Heather Baldwin and Greg Fisher have helped Westview DECA grow by being extraordinary advisors.  Mrs. Clark has been a DECA advisor for 13 years. When asked why she continues to invest so much time in DECA, she replied “I think to give kids a way to be able to use their knowledge in application rather than just inside of the classroom is really valuable and the opportunity for them to meet with professionals and other kids is a really valuable experience.” Before taking up a career in teaching marketing, Mrs. Clark worked for Taco Time writing up contracts and for the OUS, teaching teachers about proficiency.

Brandie’s favorite parts of DECA include traveling nationwide to different ICDCs because it’s a great way to get to know her students beyond just a traditional classroom environment.  Another favorite is Westview DECA’s annual bonfire where students who went to ICDC meet at Mrs. Clark’s house to burn projects/schoolwork as a way to end the year.

She also recalls that many of her funniest DECA memories happen at nightly check-ins where students have skits prepared when the advisors arrive.  One of these “skits” involved a group of students ironing their socks while pretending to read newspapers.

When marketing student Bertina Zhang was asked to share a few words about Mrs. Clark, she had this to say: “Mrs. Clark is one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever met.  She’s always encouraging everyone to work harder and she really has made Westview DECA a great club to be a part of!”

A big thank you to Mrs. Clark and all of our Oregon DECA advisors for an amazing and successful 2013-2014 year!

Quick tip: If you ever want to get on these advisor’s good side, just get Mrs. Clark a chai tea latter, Mrs. Baldwin an iced caramel macchiato and Mr. Fisher, a non-fat vanilla latte!