A Message to Those Thinking About Running for State Office...

Where do I begin? Running for a state office was one of the biggest, most strenuous, nerve racking, amazing, unforgettable, rewarding experiences of my life. I honestly didn’t have much of a clue about what I dove into when I decided to run but I am so thankful I ended up running. And I can tell you that there is no other time in my life when I have felt that many emotions in just a few days.  The experience in itself was absolutely incredible and one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I made so many new friends and to this day I still talk to the talented individual I ran against, and we share laughs all the time. I learned more in those few days about what it really means to be a part of DECA than I think you can ever learn any other way.

In the beginning I was extremely intimidated at the thought of running for a State Office because I came from a small chapter and I felt others would have more impressive campaigns than I did. But I’m here to tell you to not let your chapter’s size or how much money you can invest into a campaign be deciding factors of whether or not to run. Beyond your chapter size or how much you spend on your campaign,  members really focus in on who YOU are. Your campaign is not about where you came from or how many goodies you can hand out. Your campaign is your chance to show your fellow DECA members what DECA is to you and why you want to help further its success.

Whether you get the position or not, I have never heard someone walk away from the experience saying that they wasted their time. Running for a state office is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should grab hold of. And don’t be intimidated! DECA prepares emerging leaders for anything and everything. We all have it in ourselves to be great regardless of where you are coming from; but it’s up to you to make it happen. Visit: http://oregondeca.org/officers_candidates.php to download a State Officer Candidate Packet, and be on your way to opening the doors to ultimate leadership, opportunities, personal growth and the single best DECA decision you can make.