Brandon Beall - Crater DECA Alumnus Working in Finance on Capitol Hill

Brandon Beall - Crater DECA Alumnus Working in Finance on Capitol Hill

DECA equips its members with the skills necessary to achieve a limitless number of accomplishments.

Meet Oregon DECA Alumni, Brandon Beall. Mr. Beall is an exemplary role model of how truly impactful and positive DECA can be in its members lives. He graduated from Crater High School in 2007.

After graduating from Oregon State with degrees in finance and accounting, Mr. Beall worked in New York on the Financial Institutions Group for an investment firm, PIMCO. Brandon Beall resided there for two and a half years before moving to DC to pursue jobs in banking policy/politics While in DC, he interned in Representative Greg Walden’s office (while looking for a full-time role) and then spent two years at Regions Bank (an Alabama-based regional bank) on their government affairs team before joining the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Wondering how you can strive to attain similar heights? Keep reading.

When we asked Mr. Beall how he believes DECA impacted him as an individual and how DECA still serves an important role in his life today, he responded with the following:

“I feel like DECA served two important purposes early in my development. First, it fostered critical thinking. Having a limited amount of time to read a case, developing a solution, and then presenting that solution in some sort of a structured manner – those same skills continue in professional career, although generally with more time to think decisions through.

Second, it stoked work ethic. Working in tandem with other members of my chapter towards the common goal of getting on stage in competition and knowing that your months of work didn’t go to waste drove me. Similar dynamics drive me today, but the rewards are now different – not letting my team down, and either a satisfied client or policies that benefit everyday people.”

As an association, we here at Oregon DECA aspire to instill both of these skills in all of our members through our leadership workshops and conferences. A strong example of this is the Oregon Leadership Institute that is taking place this October from the 29th to the 30th in Bend, Oregon. Keep an eye out for the registration details coming soon!

Now DECA may instill hard work and long-term leadership skills, but with this comes a limitless amount of fun experiences. Mr. Beall shared some of his favorite DECA memories with us!

“I greatly enjoyed bonding with my team on the drive up from Central Point and during the events. We attended Blazers and Winterhawks games, ate at BJ’s Restaurant at the Jantzen Beach Center, wandered around downtown Portland, and prepping for competition in the hotel. In general, socializing with people from other teams around the state was extremely satisfying. It was also interesting to see different approaches teams took to prepare for competition and to understand what motivated individual students. Along with this, attending ICDC in Orlando was another favorite. Being able to trade lapel pins, meet students from other chapters across the country, visit Disneyworld, and go to the House of Blues made for an amazing experience.”

Lastly, Mr. Beall leaves you with the following tips to help you leverage your DECA experience to the best of your ability:

  • Strive for leadership roles in DECA (whether at the chapter, state, or national level) that will help motivate you in competition, help motivate other students in competition, benefit chapters across the state, and give you exposure to leaders of other organizations across the state. I have yet to go through an application process where leadership skills/initiative were not strongly considered.
  • Stay in contact with people in your and other chapters. As much as college and my jobs were about developing transferrable skills in the workplace and building my knowledge, the importance of networking has been stressed to me throughout. DECA is a great platform to build those skills early and maintain relationships with equally-motivated people.
  • Take competition seriously. I knew a lot of people with laser focus who studied for the tests and practiced case studies. I also know a lot of people who went for the social aspect. Both are good. However, when you’re moving on to apply for colleges, scholarships, grants, etc., placing statewide or nationally in competition will be helpful.


We hope you take these tips and pieces of advice as you plunge into the limitless DECA year ahead of you!