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January 7
Virtual Business Challenge Round 2 - Begins

January 10
School-Based Enterprise Certification - Documentation Due

January 17
National DECA Scholarship 

January 17
Virtual Business Challenge Round 2 Ends 

January 21
DECA Idea Challenge - Global Winners Announced 

January 23
Outstanding DECA Chapter Advisor Award - Entries Due 

January 24-26
Winter Leadership Retreat

January 28
SCDC Written Events Deadline

SCDC Registration Deadline

Hotel Deadline 

DECA Affiliation Deadline for Eligibility for SCDC

January 30
DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award - Applications Due

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    SCDC Preparation

    Oregon DECA’s 2020 State Career Development Conference (February 23rd-25th) is right around the corner! Here are some ways that you and your chapter can prepare for the conference!Choose Events for YOUThe events that you compete in will solely represent your knowledge and expertise in that specific field of business. Choose events that you want to compete in.   Read More...

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    Networking For Newbies

    OLI 2019 DECA PresentationOn November 1st, 2019, Vanisa Khamkhosy (VP of Hospitality), Arthur Khamkhosy (VP of Finance) and Kannah Greer (VP of Career Development) prepared and presented a workshop at the Oregon Leadership Institute, hosted at Rogue Community College. The interactive workshop, “Networking for Newbies,” provides insight on how to initiate, develop, and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. For those who weren’t at the conference, here’s a recap of the workshop and the mai...  Read More...

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    Leadership in the Community

    Leadership in the CommunityWhat does it mean to be a leader? Being a leader means more than just confidently leading a crowd of people. A leader is someone who leads by being an example for others, being selfless instead of selfish, encouraging others to persevere through hardships, and having the confidence to adapt to changing situations.   Read More...

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    The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to recruit members and increase involvement within your chapter. You must develop activities that your members will want to participate in and keep them coming back to be a part of your chapter.Here are a few activities that you can bring to your chapter:DECA SCAVENGER HUNTA DECA Scavenger Hunt is a fun activity that can not only recruit new members but also involve your school. To plan this event, members of the chapter or chapter officers ca...  Read More...

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    Mitul's 2019-2020 Conference Preview

    It is time for the start of a new DECA year. For this 2019-2020 DECA year you will need to be ready to take in all the magic DECA has to offer I guarantee it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Please be aware of all the conferences coming up, which we should all markdown on your calendars you don’t want to miss out on these fun, exciting, and educational conferences. OLI East - October 30 West - November 1Chapter ConferencesUpon Request - School StartsPower Trip Wa...  Read More...

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