2016-2017 Competitive Event Changes

2016-2017 Competitive Event Changes

Just a reminder: The DECA Inc. Board of Directors approved the following changes to DECA’s Competitive Events Program effective 2016-2017.

1. The Principles of Business Administration Events performance element will move from a content interview format to a business situation. Rather than the interaction always being an interview situation, participants will now have opportunities to interact with judges in different roles.

2. The evaluation forms for Principles of Business Administration Events, Individual Series Events and Personal Financial Literacy event will include both the performance indicators and the evaluation of 21st Century Skills, similar to the Team Decision Making Events. Specifically, participants will now be assessed on: • how effectively they reason and use systems thinking • how effectively they make judgments and decisions and solve problems • how clearly they communicate creativity in addressing the problem or issue at hand The evaluation forms on the sample events provided at deca.org represent the new evaluation criteria and point values.

3. The Marketing Communications Team Decision Making event will become Marketing Management Team Decision Making (MTDM) and the Marketing Management Individual Series event will become Marketing Communications Individual Series (MCS). This allows for more marketing communications pathways performance indicators to be used in Marketing Communications role-plays.

4. The Franchise Business Plan can now be comprised of one to three members of the DECA chapter.

5. The Business Growth Plan now requires that all of the one to three members be owners listed on the official documentation of ownership.

6. The format guidelines and evaluation forms of the Entrepreneurship Events were modified based on feedback after the first year of implementation.

7. The previously scheduled new events for 2016-2017 (Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making and Entrepreneurship Individual Series) will be delayed until 2017-2018 to provide additional development time and to provide a performance indicator list and sample materials.

Competitive Event Changes 2016-2017