Marketing Representatitve Events

These consist of a student taking a test, then making a presentation to the judges. There are 3 Marketing Representative Events: Advertising Campaign, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan, and the Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan.

The purpose of the Advertising Campaign Event is to provide an opportunity for the participants to prepare an advertising campaign of any length for a real product, service, company or business and to present the campaign to a prospective client/advertiser. The participants will also indicate an appropriate budget and select media.

The Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan provides the participant with the opportunity to developa seasonal sales promotion plan, using apparel and accessory items only, for a retail store and present the plan in a role-playing situation to the store manager.

The purpose of the Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan is to provide an opportunity for theparticipants to demonstrate promotional competencies and other competencies needed by management personnel. The Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan provides the participants with the opportunity to develop a seasonal sales promotion plan for a sports and/or entertainment company and present the plan in a role-playing situation to the company manager).

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