Competitive Event List

Role Play Events

Principles of Business Administration Events

  1. Principles of Business Management and Administration (PBM)
  2. Principles of Finance (PFN)
  3. Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (PHT)
  4. Principles of Marketing (PMK)

Individual Series Events

  1. Accounting Applications (ACT)
  2. Apparel & Accessories Marketing (AAM)
  3. Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
  4. Business Finance (BFS)
  5. Business Services Marketing (BSM)
  6. Food Marketing (FMS)
  7. Hotel & Lodging Management (HLM)
  8. Marketing Management (MMS)
  9. Quick Serve Restaurant Management (QSRM)
  10. Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
  11. Retail Merchandising (RMS)
  12. Sports and Entertainment Marketing (SEM)

Team Decision Making Events

  1. Business Law & Ethics (BLTDM)
  2. Buying & Merchandising (BTDM)
  3. Financial Services (FTDM)
  4. Hospitality Services (HTDM)
  5. Marketing Communications (MTDM)
  6. Sports & Entertainment Marketing (STDM)
  7. Travel & Tourism (TTDM)

Written Events

Business Operations Research Events

  1. Business Services (BOR)
  2. Buying and Merchandising (BMOR)
  3. Finance (FOR)
  4. Hospitality and Tourism (HOR)
  5. Sports and Entertainment (SEOR)

Written Chapter Team Events

  1. Community Service Project (CSP)
  2. Creative Marketing Project (CMP)
  3. Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (EPP)
  4. Financial Literacy Promotion Project (FLPP)
  5. Learn & Earn Project (LEP)
  6. Public Relations Project (PRP)

Marketing Representative Events

  1. Advertising Campaign (ADC)
  2. Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan (FMP)
  3. Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan (SEPP)

Business Management & Entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship-Browing Your Business (ENGB)
  2. Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan (ENI)
  3. Entrepreneurship Participating-Independent (ENPI)
  4. Entrepreneurship Participating-Franchising (ENPF)
  5. Entrepreneurship Written (ENW)
  6. International Business Plan (IBP)

Professional Selling Events

  1. Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)
  2. Professional Selling Event (PSE)

Online Events

  1. H&R Block Dollars and Sense Challenge (DSC)
  2. Stock Market Game (SMG)
  3. Virtual Business Challenge Restaurant (VBCRS)
  4. Virtual Business Challenge Retail (VBCRT)
  5. Virtual Business Challenge Sports (VBCSP)

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