A Year In Review

Date: May 25th, 2017
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Oregon DECA had a great year for both membership and Career Development Conferences! During the 2016-2017 academic year, 1,300 students, advisors, alumni and professionals were enrolled as Oregon DECA members.

In February, at the Oregon State Career Development Conference (SCDC), nearly one-thousand students, alumni, and advisors joined forces to make the largest local event of the year possible for Oregon DECA. There, attendees were able to connect with other DECA members, colleges, and potential future employers. Countless memories were made, making the conference an overall success. Competitors who qualified at SCDC were able to attend the International Career Development Conference in April.

During April, thousands of DECA members from all over the world were at ICDC. Each one had the goal of winning DECA Glass; DECA’s extremely awesome trophies. Oregon DECA sent a delegation of 250 students and advisors to represent the top business and marketing students in the state. There were over twenty finalists from Oregon, a few of which became overall winners. Those members represented Oregon by becoming one of the best in the world. At ICDC, there were many opportunities for DECA members to have fun, including the DECA Day at Disney, and the Universal DECA Party. Members were also able to explore the city, and socialize with people from other states and countries. Best of all, students walked away with an enhanced knowledge of business and marketing and were able to apply skills learned in the classroom.

The 2016-2017 academic year has been a phenomenal one for Oregon DECA.  Thank you to everyone who helped keep Oregon so successful! It may be difficult to repeat the feat next year, but it is possible to make Oregon DECA limitless next year, with the help of all members, alumni, and advisors.