Key January Deadlines

Own Your Future (white)
Date: January 3rd, 2017
Categorized Under: Conferences, Upcoming Events

Welcome to 2017! The year you “Own Your Future.”January is an exciting and busy month for DECA members and advisors.

As a reminder: here are important dates and deadlines to keep in mind as you  prepare for the State Career Development Conference, February 12-14.

January 12

  • District III Skills Conference

January 17: 

  • State Officer Candidate Forms Due Due by 5:00pm
  • DECA Membership Deadline for Eligibility for SCDC
  • State Career Development Conference (SCDC) Registration Due by 5:00pm
  • SCDC 2017 Hotel Registration Deadline

January 19

  • Written Events Due to Sherril Daniels by 4:00pm

January 20

  • School-based Enterprise Certification Documentation Due

January 21

  • District I Skills Conference

January 23

  • Outstanding New DECA Chapter Advisor Award recipients’ due
  • Outstanding DECA Chapter Advisor Award recipients’ due

January 24: Final Change Deadline for SCDC